It is not just a lifestyle, it is a a whole new perspective


At the beginning of the year, journalists, entrepreneurs, and companies from around the world come together to introduce the latest brands, trends, and consumer technology news that will make waves in the industry throughout the year. At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, the latest in smart pet technology was on show, delighting attendees, catching the eye of tech reporters, and highlighting what’s in store for animal lovers this year. One trend to watch is robots for pets. Not robot pets – instead, innovative smart technology helping make the lives of pets and pet owners easier than ever before.

GULIGULI, maker of innovative pet supplies, is putting an end to pet and pet owner loneliness with its new app-controlled pet companion robot. Showcased for the first time at CES 2023, this app-controlled robot from GULIGULI lets you see, talk to, play with and even provide treats to your cat or dog when you're not home. To pets, when their humans leave the house for even a few hours, it can feel like an eternity. They can become anxious, depressed, and may even get a little destructive. And, similarly, even pet owners get a bit of separate anxiety.

Introducing Intelligent Pet Products

Packed with useful features designed to promote a healthy bond with your pet, the GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot keeps pets entertained and provides pet owners with peace of mind that their pets are living their best life, even when they're not home. This app-controlled robot features a 1080P camera with crystal-clear night vision, and two-way audio to let pet owners see and communicate with their pets day and night. Full in-app mobility control allows pet owners to easily maneuver the robot around the home, while large wheels provide traction and 360-degree movement on all floor types. To keep pets happy and entertained, the robot even features a red-dot laser toy and integrated treat dispenser.

The GULIGULI Ultra Quiet Pet Water Fountain distributes 68oz/2L of filtered water, automatically dispensing and circulating fresh drinking water and removing hair, dust, and debris. The static free and BPA free automatic water dispenser with wireless pump, easy to clean and assemble, and delivers a service life of more than 10,000 hours. The 360-degree fountain improves accessibility, with added safety due to its design features that separate the water from electrical components. Waterway mute processing technology delivers the quietest smart fountain available. All materials used meet international food-grade standards, including BPA-free, safe and odorless, as certified by the CE, FCC, and FDA. Multi-filtration using high-density microporous filter cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, and ion exchange resin offers cleaner, safer water for pets.

"Pets and their human companions have unbreakable bonds and being away from each other can cause separation anxiety for both parties," said Johnny, GULIGULI co-founder. "While pet camera systems and two-way audio products are great for checking in on pets, these solutions don't do enough to stimulate them. Our pet companion robot takes the ability to check in our pets to a whole new level, by giving pet owners a fully mobile robotic tool to interact with their pets and simulate the experience of them being home, even when they're not."

Enhancing Your Pet Lifestyle

The GULIGULI pet robot companion’s stylish design makes it a welcome addition to any home. It’s secure and interactive technology allows pet owners to share the love – giving friends and family members access to dispense treats and give attention to pets when their owners are away. Reducing anxiety and loneliness for both pets and their human companions is the result. The robot’s crisp, clear two-way audio and night vision offer a truly interactive experience both day and night, making staying home alone a little less lonely for our best friends and time apart less stressful for everyone.

“We are pet owners ourselves so we know how anxious being away from our best friends during the day can be. Our latest smart home device allows pet owners to check in on their pets, and really engage with them while they are apart,” said Johnny, GULIGULI co-founder. “You can dispense a treat, play with a laser dot, and move the robot around the house to find and interact with your pet while you can’t be home with them. From providing cleaner, safer drinking water to reducing anxiety, technology is helping keep our pets healthier this year.”