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  • Wireless Magnetic Induction Pump: Traditional pumps with wires are difficult to disassemble and clean, while the GULIGULI pet water fountain wireless pump eliminates wires submerged in water and eliminates inductive electricity, make pet drinking safer than ever, let your pet will enjoy drinking.
  • Ultra Silent: Traditional cat water dispenser pump used stainless steel spindle , After a period of time, the Stainless Steel Spindle will produce wear and noise. This cat fountain Wireless Pump uses new Ceramic spindle to reduce friction and can reduce the noise to less than 20 decibels (same as breath). At the same time, the ceramic spindle can greatly improve the durability, service life of more than 10,000 hours .
  • Flowing and Fresh Water: Automatic cat water dispenser's water constantly circulates and 100% coverage of the drinking dish to keep the water fresh, super large cartridge with full size coverage to effectively remove pet hair, dust and food residue, ensuring the healthiest and freshest water for your pet.
  • FDA Certification: Cat drinking fountain made of ABS food-grade material, BPA-free and has passed the BPA certification test and FDA Certification, durable, ensure the health of your pet's drinking water and let your pets love to drinking water.
  • Easy to Clean: Detachable wireless pump makes GULIGULl automatic water dispenser for cats cleaning more thorough, easier to assemble. Filters can be purchased separately, search ASIN: B0B6H93SJ8, please use with genuine.




pet fountain

Why Choose GULIGULI Cat Water Fountain?


  1. Water & Electricity Separation, Static-Free: hidden circuit design, 360-degree full envelope wireless water pump. Separation of water and electricity, to eliminate induction electricity.
  2. Ultra Quiet: waterway mute processing technology and Ceramic spindle. After nearly 10,000 times of testing, <20dB (same as breath). Let the pet drinking water without noise interference.
  3. International Standard Food-Grade Materials: ABS food-grade materials, BPA-free, safe and odorless, through CE, FCC, FDA, BPA and many other certifications.
  4. Circulating Living Water: it is known that cats prefer flowing water compared to stagnant water.
  5. Multiple Filtration: high-density microporous filter cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, ion exchange resin. Full-size coverage cartridge 360 ° filtration protection to keep the water clean.
  6. Easy to Clean: Fully removable cleaning safety without dead ends.



 Multiple Functions to Meet Your Needs


Water Fountain

2L Large Capacity

This automatic cat water dispenser has a capacity of 2L/68oz, allowing cats or small dogs to "binge drink" for 10 days. It's quite perfect for business travelers.

Water Fountain

Same as Breath

Studies have shown that cats' ears are three times more sensitive than human ears, the cat water fountains reduce noise to 20 dB (same as breathing) and are friendly to pets' sharp ears.

Water Fountain

Dual Water Dispense Mode

The cat fountain has two different working modes, white light bright for 24 hours continuous water supply, white light flicker for energy saving mode:water will be out for 2 minutes and then stop for 5 minutes.




 Great Pets Partner!



Water Fountain

Wireless Pump

The cat water fountain utilizes the latest wireless water pump technology, resulting in lower static electricity compared to traditional pet water dispensers, helping to avoid situations where pets are reluctant to drink water due to their fear of static electricity.

Water Fountain

Easy to Clean

Fully removable cleaning safety without dead ends.

Water Fountain

Large Area Filter

This cat water fountain comes with 1 replacement filter, large and evenly distributed filter area. Able to filter out impurities from pet hair and water, so as to provide high-quality water pure for your pets. (Tip: The first time you use cat water dispenser, the filter needs to be completely wet, so that the cat water dispenser's water output reaches the maximum.)



Studies show that cats prefer running water to stagnant water with survival instincts, GULIGULI pet water dispenser simulates nature's springs to making pets love drinking water.

This water fountain for cat is designed to meet your needs in almost all aspects. I bet you pet will love it. 




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