GULIGULI Smart Pet Companion Robot: Technological innovation makes pet life better

GULIGULI Smart Pet Companion Robot: Technological innovation makes pet life better

August 16th, 2023, the 25th Asia Pet Exhibition was held at the Shanghai International Expo Center. The new pet smart brand GULIGULI made its debut at the Asia Pet Exhibition with its products and attracted widespread attention with its technology product - GULIGULI Hiibo Dog Camera Pet Companion Robot.


Smart Companion Robot, Leading the Future of Pet Care

With the development of technology and the increasing attention to pets, the traditional model of keeping pets no longer meets our needs for interacting with pets. For this phenomenon, GULIGULI has launched a smart pet companion robot, aiming to bring a more intelligent, convenient, and interactive pet companion experience for pet owners.

GULIGULI Hiibo Dog Camera Pet Companion Robot is a product that integrates innovative technology and intelligent functions. The real-time monitoring function of the whole house mobile allows us to check the state of pets at home through the GLPet APP at any time; The two-way audio function allows us to communicate with pets in real-time, giving continuous care and making companionship more intimate; the fun treat tossing helps us feed pets remotely, and the laser teasing provides sufficient activity space and entertainment for pets; the 1080p HD night vision ensures the pet's lovely moment can still be observed in the dark. The combination of these functions makes the GULIGULI Hiibo pet robot a real "intimate company" of furry kids, raising the pet lifestyle to a whole new level.


Be Honored with the Annual Product Design Award, the Quality Has Been Recognized by the World

GULIGULI Hiibo Robot won the Award of "Annual Product Design" in the 2023 PFA AWARDS Asian Pet Annual Awards for its outstanding design and excellent functions. This honor further proves GULIGULI's outstanding strength and market recognition in the field of pet care technological innovation.


The Debut of the New Product, Blowing, Sucking, and Shaving all-in-one Comprehensive Care for Pets

In addition to the GULIGULI Hiibo Pet Robot, GULIGULI also brought a new pet grooming machine to the Asia Pet Exhibition. This new integrates water blowing, vacuuming, grooming, and shaving, allowing us to easily complete the daily care of pet hair at home. This product has also been well received by people in the pet industry, as well as the favor of parents of fur kids.

The unique booth of GULIGULI has also become the focus of this exhibition. Fancy check-in points were set up on the spot. Among them, the design of the giant cat model and pet companion robot is pretty cute, attracting a large number of exhibitors to come to take pictures and share social media.

In the future, GULIGULI will continue to pay attention to the emotional connection between pets and their owners and create products with a perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality with simple and stylish designs. We will also provide better products for pet families and serve more convenient, intelligent, and loving pet companionship experiences to you.