GULIGULI pet lifestyle, reimagined

Companion Robot for Pets

Whole House Moving

Realtime 2-Way Audio

1080P HD Night Vision

15-Day Exposure

Fun Treat Tossing

No Subscription Fee

7-in-1 Pet Grooming Vaccum

Grooming Tool & Dryer

4 Guidance Combs for precise trimming

Adjusted Temperature Pet Dryer

Won't Scare Your Pets

Save More Time & Money

1L Larger Capacity Dust Cup

With a simple, stylish, and streamlined design, integrating technology, natural and aesthetic elements interpret the lifelong love for pets, making pet life easier and happier.

Check out this companion robot from GULIGULI. Shine a laser, shake a feather, or broadcast your voice in real time.

GULIGULI Hiibo is easy to use, has several features that make them intuitive and engaging to pets, and is built with support for the latest technologies.

It can attend to your pets’ most basic needs and it allows you to keep an eye on them, regardless of your whereabouts.