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The pet lifestyle, reimagined

Smart Pet Companion Robot

Whether at work, play, or even on vacation, you and your pet can be happy, healthy, connected. 360° movement, solid + sleek design, high-def video, night vision, 2-way voice, treat dispenser, laser toy, and more. Never miss a moment.

Pet Lover and Tech Enthusiast

GULIGULI began with a simple yet powerful idea – to leverage forefront tech and innovation to enhance the bond between pet owners and their furry friends. We strive to understand pets' needs and emotions through their unique "GULIGULI" signals, ensuring every pet is happy, fulfilled, and satisfied.

Empowering Pets and Owners to Grow Closer together

Using cutting-edge technology and exquisite design, we create everything that pets and owners need to strengthen the irreplaceable bond between them, making their time together more fulfilling and joyful.

Enhancing the Pet Lifestyle with Leading-Edge Technology

We are creating a world where pets are more than just animals - they are cherished and beloved members of the family, where every family with a furry friend can have a better understanding, stronger emotional bond, and deeper love for each other.

Water Fountain

Meet the GULIGULI Pet Water Fountain, a groundbreaking wireless pet hydration solution that prioritizes safety and cleanliness. Our ultra-quiet, ceramic spindle design ensures continuous water circulation, providing your pet with fresh, clean water. Made from FDA-certified, BPA-free material, this easy-to-maintain fountain delivers not only convenience but also health assurance for your beloved pet.

GULIGULI Across the World

Times Square

Mesmerize onlookers with GULIGULI pet robot's appearance at Times Square.

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CES 2023 in Las Vegas

Pet robot is part of a huge, growing trend at CES. GULIGULI made your feeder now a robot.

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On YouTube

Captivating techies and bloggers alike.

In Your Life

Bring joy and health to your pet's day.

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In TeckTok

Get intrigued with an engaging interview that unveils the exciting features of the GULIGULI pet robot.

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Discover Why Our Customers Love Us

Real stories from real customers

Completely silent and my cat drank from it almost immediately after setup.

- Liana

This is the best pet brush I've had. It's so easy to get rid of cat hair and cats like it.

- Angelina

I really appreciate that it is easy to clean and has a large water capacity.

- Talia

Works well and my picky cat enjoys the grooming!

- Sapphire

The infrared light to play with them is a very clever idea.

- Adele

Super easy to change the filter once you buy more.

- Freya