GL Pets

Our proprietary app GL Pets connects you to your GULIGULI pet companion robot. Control your device even when you’re away from home. 360° robot movement, high-def video feed, 2-way voice, treat dispenser, laser toy, and more. Connect and care for your pet from anywhere.

Two-Way Voice

App Control

360° Move Freely

Launch A Treat

Laser Teasing

HD Night Vision



Move Everywhere

360° Move Freely

The device can be remotely operated to move freely around the house, so you can find hidden pets at any time


Nighttime Monitoring

1080P Night Vision

In low light and no-light conditions, see things clearly with the night vision feature and be sure your pet is safe.


Connect, Play, Share

Share Happiness

Share ’GL Pets‘ app with family, lovers and friends so they can play with your pets by their phone from anywhere.


Voice Interaction

Two-Way Audio

Say hello to your pets, soothe them with your voice if they feel anxious, or prevent destructive behavior by telling them to stop.


Play, Treat, Feed

Food Dispenser & Laser

Camera with red dot laser can tease your pet to get more exercise. Add your pet's favorite treats to reward your dog, You can remotely dispense food by just a single click of “FEED NOW” button on mobile phone app.

Connecting You and Your Pet