Care For Pets With These Innovations From CES 2023

As our homes become a web of tech products, we are introducing technology to everything including pet care. For this, self-cleaning litter boxes have emerged as a major innovation trend in the past couple of years. The recently concluded CES 2023 was however a harbinger of artificial intelligence in pet care products.

If you are a pet owner who loves to embrace new technologies, you would be awed by our list of the most innovative pet tech products showcased at this year’s CES. These products provide a glimpse into the future where we can communicate with our pets and do a lot more.

Last year Invoxia launched a smart dog collar that allows you to monitor your pet’s health. This year, the French startup was present at CES with redesigned biometric dog health collar that is enhanced with proprietary Heartprint Technology and advanced heart tracking.

With a built-in sensor and AI, the 2023 Invoxia dog collar can track and monitor a dog’s respiratory and heart vitals. The company says, it provides a visual representation of your dog’s cardio-pulmonary system in the form of a Poincaré plot through continuous measurements of heartbeats. The 2023 Invoxia smart dog collar costs $149 and $8.25 per month for data subscription plans.

If you ever wanted to talk to your dog, California-Based Pet Startup has made this possible for you. Meet FluentPet Connect, a Wi-Fi-connected HexTile system of recordable buttons that lets your pets express themselves.

You need to record a specific phrase on the button and train your dog to tap it. As a dog presses the button, it says a specific phrase recorded for that button and you can understand what she wants or needs. FluentPet can be pre-ordered for €160 (about $168) from the official website now.

TTcare Pet Healthcare App
Winner of an Innovation Award at CES 2023, TTcare is a healthcare app for pets that detects diseases and health issues in them. Simply take pictures of your pet’s eyes and skin to check their health with the help of AI. The company claims it can detect abnormal symptoms early with an accuracy level of over 90 percent. Pet owners can also join virtual consultations with vets within the app itself.

Bird Buddy Hummingbird Feeder
It is a prototype of an AI-powered camera hummingbird feeder that notifies you when feathered visitors visit inside so you never have to wait for that perfect shot. You can take their photos remotely, and make a beautiful collection to share with your friends and family.

The bird feeder can even identify the bird species for you with AI. There is no local storage to save the clicked pictures and the feeder needs to connect to Wi-Fi for transferring the output. It comes with a rechargeable module and you have the option to add the Bird Buddy 3-in-1 accessory set that includes a jelly tray with an optional water fountain and fruit stake and jelly tray.

GULIGULI Smart Pet Companion
Connected pet products can be great if you leave your pets alone at home pretty often. Funded through crowd-funding, the GULIGULI Smart Pet robot was showcased at CES 2023. It features a 1080p camera with crystal-clear night vision onboard. It can play with your pets and give them treats while you’re not at home. You can also see your pets and talk to them through the Guliguli. It will be available for $179-$199 starting from February 20, 2023.


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