GULIGULI Grooming Kits- Shark, redefining home pet care

GULIGULI Grooming Kits- Shark, redefining home pet care

In today's society, pets have become an indispensable part of many families. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, pets have also led a smart life. More and more pet owners are choosing smart products such as automatic feeders, automatic water dispensers, and automatic cat litter boxes at home.


In addition, the problem of cleaning and caring for pet hair at home has also become a headache for pet owners. In order to solve this problem, GULIGULI Grooming Kits- Shark came into being. As an efficient and convenient tool specially designed for pet owners that integrates pet hair blowing, suction, shaving, care, and household cleaning and maintenance, this product has attracted widespread attention.


For every pet owner, bathing and blowing their pets is an indispensable task. However, many people have experienced such troubles: after taking a bath, pet hair takes a long time to be completely dry, and the high temperature and noise of traditional hair dryers often make pets feel uncomfortable. Along with it came the floating hairs flying all over the sky when combing the hair. GULIGULI Grooming Kits-Shark, with its powerful functions and user-friendly design, meets the multiple needs of pet owners for pet care:


  • Strong wind speed, quick-drying hair: GULIGULI Shark has low power, high wind power, and multi-speed wind speed adjustment, which greatly improves hair blowing efficiency and saves time and effort


  • Intelligent constant temperature, blowing and care in one: In order to prevent pet hair from drying out, GULIGULI Shark provides multi-level temperature adjustment and negative ion care functions. Pet owners can adjust the temperature and wind according to their needs, and use high-concentration negative ions to deeply inject hair into the hair to reduce static electricity and frizz. Make sure your pet's coat is blow-dried at a comfortable temperature to keep the coat shiny and soft.


  • Integrated comb and suction for easy shaving: In addition to drying hair, GULIGULI Shark also has a variety of combing and shaving tools to easily solve hair management problems. Pet owners can comb and suck while shaving for easy grooming.


  • Household cleaning, quick hair suction: GULIGULI Shark is not only suitable for pet care, but also can be used for daily household cleaning. Whether it is residual hair on the pet owner or in the gaps of the sofa, this product can easily absorb and clean it thoroughly.


With the rise of the pet economy, the demand for "smart upgrades" of pets is gradually increasing. People's consumption concepts have undergone tremendous changes, which will surely give rise to more pet-related economic forms and enterprises. GULIGULI is moving towards the original intention of making people's pets' lives better. GULIGULI continues to bring more surprises to consumers with good design concepts, cost-effective products and high-quality services.