The GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot is a Total Blast

Let’s face it. Pet toys can be boring. So can actually play with your pet when it comes right down to it. Let’s be honest – throwing a ball back and forth over and over again. Or chasing your cat around with a handheld laser pointer that runs out of batteries, or trying to make them interested in the latest animal shaped thing on a stick. Seems like everything we traditionally use to interact with our pets has to be held in our hands and we have to be physically present – which can be downright demanding in today’s day and age with our busy modern lifestyles and many people returning back to work after a long hiatus. Well, we found something that will make the transition easy and fun and will seriously change how we do pet play

Now all you need in your hands is our smartphone and you can create hours upon hours of fun for your little furry friends. AND most importantly it’s fun for you too!

It’s called GULIGULI – a rising star in the pet products space that has set out to usher in a new era for how we interact with our pets, full of new and fun possibilities. 

Their flagship offering is the GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot. Let’s take a close look under the hood at some of the features:

The Pet Companion Robot In-A-Nutshell

First of all, wow is this thing beautiful looking! We simply love the sleek design. The large, sturdy wheels will easily traverse obstacles in your home – raised carpets, inclines, small items on the floor, etc. Design-wise it looks like the Starship Enterprise just launched a pet toy! Only it’s not just a pet toy. The GULIGULI Pet Robot functions as an all-in-one pet toy, remote pet monitor, and feeding system. It’s really a complete remote entertainment system for your pet. Control the robot from the phone app so you can be anywhere – at work or even away on vacation and check in on and play with your cat or dog. The app is also secure, available on Apple and Google devices, and allows you to interact with your pet in a variety of ways. The main mode of interaction is the movable 1080P Full HD camera which lets you view your pet from anywhere so you can be away from home and still able to connect with your little furry friends. You can pan left and right and up and down – very high tech functionality on this camera, which also features night vision so you can see your little guy in the night time or in dark corners of your living space. The robot also houses a treat dispenser – which let’s you release snacks to your pets at any time, boasting 12 cartridges, so you have plenty of chances to reward your little guy or gal when they are good. It also emits a red dot laser from the front of the camera so you can entertain your kitten for hours of exercise. It also features a two-way audio channel where you can press a button on the app and not only speak with but listen for sounds from your pet as well. This makes talking to pets left at home alone just a simple click away. 

The GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot is a Total Blast

What We Like Best – Man is this Thing Fun!

The possibilities are endless. This robot is lightyears ahead of traditional pet toys in terms of entertainment value. We couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing out loud uproariously as we used our best cat voice to wake up our cats while they were napping at home. “Hey buddy! Time to get some exercise! What are you doing down there?!” So much fun watching them react and then chase the device around the room. We then deployed the laser beam around the surfaces of the wall and the floor and had zen-like concentration as we easily got our cat’s attention, and had him scurry around the room. Great way to get exercise. We also got exercise – a good ab workout from the uncontrollable laughter and fun. We couldn’t put the app down. It’s a wonder we got any work done in the office that day!

This is all to say – make sure to alert your boss that you might be a bit distracted from all the fun. Better yet, share a video with your boss via the sharing feature and get them in on the outrageous times that GULIGULI is sure to provide.

Great fun from our friends at GULIGULI. You won’t be able to stop yourself from saying: “GULIGULI Robot.. Engage!” Have a blast!


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