Treat Your Pet Like Royalty with the GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot

What is the GULIGULI pet companion robot? Well, everyone wants to be the ultimate cat mom or dog dad these days. But how can you actually become the best at really, truly pampering your pet? GULIGULI, a smart pet brand, is here to level up your game. The GULIGULI Smart Pet Companion Robot truly takes pet pampering to the next century.

What GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot Can Do?

A quick rundown of the key features: 1080P HD camera with night vision that allows you to take pictures and record videos of your pet in high quality at any time of day. 2-way Audio makes it easy to communicate with and listen to your pet via app throughout the day when you are away. The treat dispenser with 12 separate cartridges that are big enough for treats for any sized pet lets you reinforce good behavior and simply spoil your pet with perfect precision. The Shareable Content feature lets you quickly share photos or recorded videos quickly post them to all major social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram right from the GULIGULI app as well as share the app view with family, friends, or loved ones so they can join in on the fun and also play with or watch your pet from their own phone. The Smart Companion Robot is super easy to use and comes with a user-friendly app that makes it simple to set up and monitor your pet’s activity.

Our Favorite Feature and Some Recommendations
The 1080P HD camera with night vision coupled with the shareable content feature is definitely a crowd favorite. Here are some awesome recommendations. Bragging rights – Take pictures of your pet’s cutest, most disarming moments and share them right to your social media feeds. You know when your dog makes that cute “good boy” face when it wants something – perhaps right before you use the treat dispenser to send out a cartridge of delicious treats. Caught By Surprise – Equipped with a night vision camera, one super entertaining thing to do is snap a photo of your dog or cat right in the dark.

To make the moment even more precious you can use the 2-way audio to call out to your cat or dog in your most silly voice to get their attention and then immediately snap a shot of them trying to figure out where the voice is coming from. Caught in the Act – If you know your cat is up to something—they always are—catch them in the act, scratching, climbing, pawing at the window, and then snap a quick shot or take a video for evidence. You could start a very incriminating Instagram account to log all the fun adventures.

Pet Companion Robots

However you choose to employ your Pet Companion Robot, you’re guaranteed hours and hours of fun. Just like your cat’s curiosity, and given the combination of features, the possibilities are truly endless.

To learn more about GULIGULI and the Smart Companion Robot you can visit their online store at Amazon.


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